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Broward County * Cool Facts

Historical Population

As we say in real estate, it’s all about location. As a real estate agent in Weston, Florida, it’s important to me that my clients, but also people in general know the place they are looking to buy or sell their homes at. To help with this, here are some facts about Broward County.

Broward is one of the three counties, which together form the Miami metropolitan area, which is home to over 6 million people. Even though so many people live there, Broward is (only) the seventh-largest county in terms of land in Florida. A majority of the land is actually taken up by the Everglades.

In terms of transportation, there is one international airport and several regional ones.

Miami metropolitan area

Even though the Miami area is very vibrant and alive today, just 100 years ago, a mere 5135 people lived in Broward County. Today’s estimate is at almost 2 million inhabitants. That’s huge growth, that’s not about to stop.

Having been founded in 1915, Broward has had its fair share of interesting, but also tragic events. In 1972, snow fell for the first time in recorded history, something one wouldn’t expect in South Florida.


When hurricane Andrews hit Florida in 1992, Broward became the center of operations for rescue services for the Miami metropolitan area.

Being between the Atlantic ocean on the East and the Everglades to the West provides Broward’s citizens with great opportunities to see and experience the nature about them.

All in all, Broward is a great and interesting place to live that isn’t about to stop growing!

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