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Buying a House Long Distance

Are you buying a house long distance Well I’ve got five tips to help make your life easier.

1. Do your research

2. Find a Local Real Estate Agent

3. Narrow your Search

4. Know your Market

5. Do your Inspections

Tip number one

Do your research if you come in from out of town and you are comingto Broward County notice that Broward County has many cities, we have Weston, we have SunriseSouthwest ranches we have places close to the beach so you need to knowwhere you want to go and what are your must-haves that’s a very important stepand the number one step when coming out of town

tip number two find a local realestate agent that knows the area and can help you finding the house of yourdreams of I have a lot of buyers coming out of town what I do is I go and takevideos and I send it to them I want them to know what is the neighborhood likewhat is that what the houses are like and then from that we take intoconsideration the most important aspects my buyers are looking for and we narrowit down we narrow it down to a couple properties and neighborhoods so that is thesmart way to do it

tip number three narrow it down yes soI’m gonna be sending you a lot of properties you have 30 properties thatyou love and you wanna see, if you come into town you know it’s not realisticfor you to see 30 properties in a day or two so what we’re gonna do is we’regoing to get together we’re gonna see where houses are more likely to fit yourneeds and then that is what we’re going to do we’re going totake ten properties and we’re going to make a list we’re going to make a routeand that’s appropriate that we want to see when you come to town I don’t wantyou to waste your time we’re gonna pick and choose the properties that we wantlike and there are more likely to fulfill our needs number fourknow your market so you can rely on the help of your real estate agent to knowif it’s a seller’s market or a buyers market why because that will help you tocraft a very smart offer a strong offer when the time comes if there is 200houses available and only 50 buyers looking for a house that is going to bea buyers market but if you have point 50 house and you have 200 buyers lookingfor a house that is a seller’s market so that will help you understand what kindof offer you are going to craft to be strong enough to be accepted because ofcourse we already got to the point where we love this house and we want to makeit happen so we want to be smart we want to be crafting a very strong offer to beaccepted right away and not to make us lose any time tip number five do yourinspection we found a house we fall in love with rolling over the offer wasaccepted you go back home everybody’s happy so it’s time for the inspectionsso normally we have the say we’ll put 15 days for the inspections I suggest it -yes do the inspections why because you know is the condition of the house andeven though you can be in town to make the inspections you can’t ask your realcity eating to do it for you do not skip a step is very important the report isgoing to tell you exactly what the house needs if there is any major repairs ifthere is some that you need to pay attention to or ifthere is something that you need to negotiate with the seller unless but notleast I want to talk about the closing this is very important when we have theloan documents ready you have to sign off on every singlepage any shows things like that is a lot of signatures and things that have to becarefully reviewed yes you can do it back home you go to the attorney’soffice and you sign all the documents they send all the documents back to us Imean not to me but to the attorney’s office in here they will revieweverything and if we’re missing a signature that will be a huge not aproblem but it wouldn’t be a huge delay so they said it won’t be happy you willbe happy we’re losing time that would probably cost you a little bit of moneyto do it on out of town so you might as well just get a ticket and fly back hereso everything will be fine for you perfect thank you again for being herewith me I have a relocation guide that you can download it’s very helpfulplease subscribe to my channel don’t forget this is Natalia Echeverri with Coldwellbankers and have a great rest of the weekEnglish


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