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Can you still continue to buy homes and sell homes during the virus outbreak

Is this a crazy time, huh !

I wanted to take this moment to tell you a little bit about what’s going on with the real estate market in general; I know that everybody is kind of panicking but luckily if we stick together and take care of ourselves and others, this soon will be over. School has been cancelled for several weeks and those of you that are here in the area probably know that already; while the kids are home and everyone are home, we are doing a whole lot of real estate virtual tours.

I know that many of the buyers have decided to kind of put their search on hold and I totally get it, whatever buyers and sellers want to do, I am here to support you!

We will back up your decision 100% but there are people that still have to move and don’t really have the luxury of just putting everything on hold for a month or two, Therefore I am doing a lot of virtual reality home tours so that people can watch the video from their computer without having to come to the house.

I personally don’t think anybody is going to be doing open houses right now, we are told to limit gatherings and in my opinion, doing an #openhouse right now would just be irresponsible.

This is how the virtual open house works:

I take video touring the house and showing its main aspects including rooms, bathrooms, garages, etc.

Once I put the video online you can watch and depend on what you see, if you really like the house and want to go see it in person, you may contact me and we will set up an appointment.

***Here are the precautions that we’re taking, hand sanitizer is your new best friend #bff

Tons of hand washing and using hand sanitizer, I also have a nice big box of rubber gloves, disposable gloves so if you are walking through the property you can put gloves on and then throw the gloves away when you leave.

I am asking all of my sellers to turn all of the lights on before the showing and leave all of the interior doors open so that when somebody is walking through the house they literally have to touch nothing, maybe you leave the pantry door open, leave the linen closet door open, leave a couple of the kitchen cabinet doors open and if we have to poke things out of the way with our elbow we can do that, then we will use hand sanitizer.

we’re feeling that we should be pretty safe so obviously if you are sick you are not going anywhere you’re going to stay home you don’t want to expose anybody else to the virus but if you are healthy you’re not exhibiting any symptoms you have no reason to believe that you are currently infected, I would recommend that you drive separately from your real estate agent, your agent will drive in one car you’ll drive in another car, your agent

will go open the lock box and open the front door when the front door is open you go in you can go in by yourself your agent can stay far behind you and both of you can keep a ten feet of distance between you or be in different rooms and just yell through the house with any questions that you have; then when you’re finished you will exit the property, get in your car, the agent will lock up wipe down light switches with Clorox wipes and Lysol wipes things of that nature and then maybe you call each other from within your respective cars and say what did you think of the house did you like it is it one that you want to consider should we cross it off the list and keep looking what did you think so there are ways that we can still show houses and do it in a manner that is as safe as possible for those of you that are still interested in buying and for our sellers who still have a house they need to sell we’ve got clients that have put their houses on the market here they’ve already relocated to their new area they want to get settled in their new area but they really need to sell the house they left behind, we’re going to do is many virtual tours as we can and run ads on social media try to get those videos in front of as many people as possible so that we can continue to serve our clients in the best way that we can while doing it in a way that’s safe and we’re protecting ourselves.

Nobody knows what’s going to happen maybe they will find a cure for this relatively quickly then again maybe they won’t, maybe this is going to take much longer than we think we just don’t know, I wanted to give you some encouragement …will the real estate market slow down yes, probably !

are we going to have as many buyers out there looking? probably not.

are we going to take longer to sell our listings? I would imagine

But the good news is that they do not expect a housing crash like what we had 10 years ago because that was caused by faulty mortgage practices that were caused by giving a loan to anybody who could breathe whether or not they were able to repay the mortgage.

This would be a slowdown for an entirely different reason and with mortgage rates interest rates being so ridiculously low and they’ll probably go even lower after this, I would imagine.

It will slow down absolutely, is it going to be a hot seller’s market where you’re getting multiple offers on every property, I seriously doubt it, but does that mean that the entire real estate market is going to come to a dead stop I don’t think so.

I am here to best serve my clients I am here to help you in whatever way possible if you are concerned and you have questions, if you live in the Weston area and you just need a of bucket of water let me know, I would love to help you any way that we can I will run to the store grab a Water, milk and leave it on your doorstep, ring the doorbell and run away.

I am are here to serve my clients, and my community in the best way that I possibly can and I just want to reassure you that, I am here to assist you and help you in whatever capacity that may be even if it has nothing to do with real estate I am here for you me and my family got your back please reach out to us if there’s anything we can do; In the meantime enjoy the downtime we’re getting to spend with our children while they’re home from school and who knows maybe some months from now we’ll be able to look back and it will be just a memory.

Take care everybody

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