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If I did it, you can do it too...

This is our house, after years of many efforts, here we are, in our beautiful home, the one we always wanted, where we wanted to be.

We are always looking for that ideal place where everything is perfect for you and your family, the schools, the neighborhood, the neighbors, the condominium among others... For me, the most important thing was the schools; of course I wanted a beautiful spacious one-story house, with very generous spaces to create and do thousands of things over time "almost too good to be true".

We never stopped looking, we never gave up, not even knowing that the house we wanted was perhaps much more expensive than we could afford, we had hope and never lost faith that we could do it.

And.. here we are, what in 2016 was a house with potential, in an ok Shape, not too bad but with problems and things that we could improve, I present to you our gold mine; who could've imagine that after just painting the exterior of the house, garage door, front door and giving a little love to the garden our house could look like a Hollywood mansion (only by looking at this picture my heart would burst with joy) our first exterior improvement was less than -5k approximately only to find out that the impact in the market price was more than +20k ...Can you believe that.. as crazy as it might sound it is real, we were so exited that it was almost a dream come true, it became an addiction to improve one thing at the time, with all we could save and put aside, lot of effort and hard work little by little..

We find ourselves in a situation where we removed the limits that existed in our heads based on lack of money, of thinking that we could not, of believing that others do it because they are more fortunate and that we, at the same time with a stroke of luck in the very distant future would achieve it.

If I did it .. you can do it too....

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