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Real Estate Investing for Beginners

4 of the Best Strategies

Real Estate Investing

Real Estate investing is one of the best ways to make money and we all know every beginning it’s a little bit difficult but when you choose the right strategy you will soon find out how much and excitement investing.

Let me give you some of the best strategies to invest in real estate.

Long Term Rental Properties

The potential benefit of long-term rental investment can provide two types of revenue:

Appreciation over the long run, over time the property’s value increases with homeowner improvements and as the owner pays down the mortgage.

Positive cash-flow on the investment, earned by renting the property for monthly payments that exceed the owner’s overall expense to maintain the property.

Buy and Hold

Buy and hold real estate is a very popular investment strategy where an investor purchases a property and holds on to it for an extended period of time. The owner typically has the intent to sell it down the line, the key to success with this real estate strategy is to buy a property below market value and/or in a cold (buyer’s) market which is expected to heat up in the coming years. This will help accelerate appreciation and allow you to make money sooner rather than later.

Fix and Flip

Fix and flip is the strategy of purchasing a property, renovating it, then selling it at a profit. Investors typically buy a property at a discount because of its condition. It might have lapsed into disrepair due to abandonment or because the current owner couldn’t pay for the upkeep. The most significant advantage of flipping houses is that you get to make money fast and that you don’t have to own an investment property in the long run.


If you’d rather start out slowly without being directly involved in the real estate deals and decisions, you can invest in a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). This is very similar to investing in stocks, therefore you will need to conduct some research on the top (REIT). and carefully choose the best one for your budget and criteria. Provided that your trust performs well you will start receiving dividends. (REIT). have strict requirements as far as minimum investment requirements, which makes it an expensive option for some beginners.

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Whether you prefer an active or passive investment you can start making money with Real Estate, remember as everything in life you need to find the right help and be smart about the choices you make. “knowledge is priceless”

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