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Remodeling projects with the greatest return


Which remodeling projects will pick up the greatest return when a home is sold?

When we think about selling our house, what comes to mind first is… how much money will I earn, I have invested a certain amount of money in the repairs, how much of this will I recover and how much can I recover for my next house, for my new project, etc…

Each family is different and their needs are different, for this reason when we talk about remodeling we have to think that it’s not always the most expensive things that are the ones that will leave us more money back on our investment, not because the investment is very high means that our capital will increase the value of our property.

During the years market research has been done, among others that do not yield incredible results when analyzing that remodeling projects leave us more capital when selling our house.

For stats and detailed information go to remodeling.hw.net/cost-vs-value/2020/south-atlantic/

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